The space provides

Suspension system
Easy hanging and moving of artworks under the guarantee of STAS.

Professional lighting
Flexible lighting adapted according to requirements.

White boxes for the deposition of artworks.

Sound System & Projector
Play media via bluetooth, USB, RCA

Newsletter & more
Expand your contacts during your exposure through the available app on the space of Dia Chronos.

The space is secured with an integrated security system.

Basic organization services
The following services are necessary for the organization of an art exhibition.

Graphic design

Full visual communication is an essential component for a successful exposure.
A professional graphic designer creates for you:

  • Posters (30×42)
  • Promotional | Souvenir cards (10×15)
  • Banners (40X110 & 80×110)
  • Other graphics (Facebook, Instagram, Other sites) 
  • Graphics for artist presentation in the application and in the printed program of Dia Chronos.


Printing of the forms in a modern printing house in Tinos.

Distribution of printed material

The posters and part of the promotional cards are distributed at selected locations and shops in the country of Tinos.

Digital press & Social Networks

Throughout a time when information has evolved into attention, Dia Chronos takes the electronic media and social networking very seriously. Your exhibition is also organized electronically on Facebook as it is registered in the local online press and on various cultural sites in Greece. Systematic visibility results in both the broadening of the audience that will get to know you on the internet and the attention of digital readers who will see parallel publications from different media.

Systematic promotion

One of the features of social networks is that they simplify, improve the speed and breadth of dissemination of information. Before and during your exhibition, advertising is systematically promoted through Facebook & Instagram social networks.

Layout & Lighting

All necessary actions for layout and lighting are undertaken by us, in consultation with the artist.

Use of space

The use of space varies from case to case. Dia Chronos can serve any artist by looking at each case individually.



Possibility of cooperation with a professional photographer to cover the opening of the exhibition or the exhibition in general.

Catering for the opening day

The right time for an artist to promote his site is during his exposure to Dia Chronos where printed and digital material is being promoted systematically. If you do not have an online page, you can get one through our partners to have a complete public presentation .

Available technician for any special construction you may need.

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