I Origami | Adonis Migkos


Origami is an ancient Japanese art that means “the folding of paper” by “ore” and “sam”. It appeared in the 6th century and became a tradition, as the Japaneses where folding the paper by making gifts and keep the children occupied on the rainy days.. In the 1950s Origami crossed the Japanese border and spread worldwide.

Personally my Origami caught the interest relatively recently, 7-8 years ago, except if you make the boats and the frogs we all did as children … At first it was a hobby but in my years I was in need. Folding the paper for endless hours, I was trying to figure out why this particular form of art is pleasing to everyone. As a professional painter, I made various experiments, through drawing, color, photography, in individual and group exhibitions, but what I noticed was that Origami always won the audience. From young children 8 years old to older children 80 years old.

While working as a teacher of visual arts in primary schools in recent years, I have been able to understand why Origami has such an appeal. It’s the magic of creating something from one or more pieces of paper. I believe it is engraved in human DNA to look our eye for harmony and symmetry and of course beauty.

Antonis Mingos

6 – 15 July 2018
Exhibition space Dia Chronos, Nikolaou Gizi 5
Opening hours: 20:00 - 00:00