G. Katimertzoglou

Giorgos Katimertzoglou was born in 1965 in Athens, a student of Petros Vamboulis, with whom he collaborated for many years on temple illustrations. Being fascinated by the mystical tradition of the East, he studied works by Fotis Kontoglou, Papaloukas, Theophanes the Greek and others. His work is in Greece, Cyprus, America and recently in Moscow.

For his work have been written by art critics:

Nikos Zias (Professor of Art History)
Dora Iliopoulou Rogan (Dr. Historian of Art)
Dimitrios Skaligos (Historian of Art)
Ioannis Kolokotronis (Professor of History of Art)
Also, Manos Stefanidis, Art Critic and Art Historian has
makes reference to inscribed works of his works in his book <<
Ellinomousion (7 centuries Greek painting) >>
He has conducted several solo and group exhibitions. Has been
partner of the historic gallery Titanium Yiayiannos.

2 – 30 August 2018
Exhibition space Dia Chronos, Nikolaou Gizi 5
Opening hours: 18:00 - 00:00
Free entrance