Direct// | Μaria Νiora

Dia Xronos Art Exhibition Space, presents Direct//, Maria Niora’s first theme photography project.

The exhibition is divided into four sections, which collaborate together into a certain direction, chronologically and aesthetically.

Direct wasn’t a random title.

The word direct has two basic meanings, among others. One referring to the direction one follows literally, moving into a straight line without changing course. The other one is used as an adjective for a person who is free in expressing one’s feelings and emotions.

Maria draws here a line of course with a mental destination to her mother’s birthplace

-Kythnos Island, Cyclades- depicting the four elements of life, the simplicity of events, the lines of life. As Is.

She now closes a personal chapter in her life, towards a new phase of “serenity”, a course of direction with a certain personal directness , moving into new paths, using her origins as a mental and literal image, as well as her godfather’s birthplace, where the exhibition will take place for the first time.

Opening hours: 18:00 - 23:30.
Grand opening Saturday 2 September 9 μ.μ.